Client Testimonies

I’m committed to helping clients bring their projects to an elegant and polished product on time. I feel a profound sense of ownership with every piece of work a client sends me.

Here are some of their testimonies from past projects:

It’s a privilege to recommend Dan Kreider for a wide variety of music services, including engraving, editing, publishing, and Dorico instruction. Dan has that rare blend of being on the cutting edge of technology while being mindful of the established traditions of music preparation. No detail is too small for him to refine, and yet he is able to work quickly to meet pressing deadlines. In my experience, he has always been responsive, easy to work with, and eager to expand his already-considerable expertise, including creating the popular MusFonts series of music fonts for use in any software.

Philip Rothman

New York Music Services

When I am involved in multiple projects with deadlines, I always call on a top-notch engraver, parts proofer, and manuscript-printing consultant to help me check for errors, maintain clean looking scores & parts, and bounce ideas before going to final press on my next opus. Dan Kreider has been an excellent partner in this regard. I highly recommend him for any and all of the above functions in which I contract him. Dan also help me arrange vocal scores for large choirs… His background with composing, arranging, and orchestration make him an ideal candidate for your next collaborative music project.

Charles Brown


I’ve been so grateful to have Dan do several transcriptions for me. I send him lyrics and recordings and he sends me beautiful, precise melody and chord sheets. Dan is quick, accurate, and musical; and I recommend him to anyone who wants high quality musical transcriptions.
Wendell Kimbrough

Singer-songwriter and church musician

I have had the pleasure to work with Dan on a university dissertation, and he has benefited the project in every way. I consider him an invested partner who I can rely on.

Dan created and provided highly detailed and specialized musical examples and guitar fretboard images for a university dissertation, now in the final stage. They are state-of-the-art quality, competitive with the works produced by any of the major publishing firms.

Dan’s suggestions and advice have been invaluable. His availability and responsiveness have been well beyond my expectations. The speed in which he accomplished his work was in such a timely matter, that I was never left waiting. Revisions were done, if not within the hour, certainly by the next day.
I consider Dan a consummate professional, and look forward to more collaborations.

Phil Zweig

Guitarist and educator

Dan is a joy to work with. He is a careful editor and is willing to work diligently to help his clients realize the vision for their projects. He was able to help translate our nebulous ideas about how our project should look into reasonable objectives. He has a wonderful eye for design, and his work is elegant and clean.
Joseph Klotz


Dan has been a great guide, an excellent teacher and a pleasure to work with over the past year. I’m better at what I do thanks to Dan, and I know I’ve saved a lot of time and effort by paying him a reasonable rate to help me gain a better understanding of music, scoring, and how Dorico works.
Rod Sager

Music producer

My greatest moment relief in any project is turning over my scores to Dan for engraving. I know when I next see them they’ll be beautiful, detailed, and crystal clear scores and parts.

John Rake

Film composer

Dan is a pleasure to work with and an absolutely invaluable resource for all things music engraving. He helps me achieve a level of clarity and elegance in my scores which receives compliments from performers, composers, and fans alike.

He combines his formidable skill and experience as composer, engraver, and educator to produce beautiful, readable, and accurate scores for my compositions. He is always willing to go above and beyond, whether solving a difficult modernist notation problem with a straightforward workflow or empowering me to understand and fully reap the benefits of Dorico’s staff and note spacing systems.

Dan knows his stuff and is able to communicate his knowledge in a way that helps me raise my game. Whether you are looking for expert engraving services or professional Dorico training, I have no reservations in giving Dan my highest recommendation.

Tom Viera

Multi-media composer