I’m a musician and engraver. I make beautiful, professional scores for real people.

As an active musician, I write and arrange weekly for a thriving community of instrumentalists and singers. I’m also a professional music engraver, orchestrator, and music publisher. I have a doctorate in choral conducting, with additional studies in piano, theory, and composition.

For more information on the professional services I offer, contact me for rates and requests.

I’ve been preparing scores for 20 years for musicians under deadline, with an emphasis on clarity and accuracy. I offer a variety of music engraving services on short notice for digital delivery.

I’ve engraved music for film scores, major concert venues, video games, and private commissions. I work exclusively in Dorico. I can produce professional-quality parts and scores in accordance with MOLA standards from handwritten scores, PDFs, or MusicXML files.

Much of my work these days is in hymnals. You can view samples at Hymnworks.

My availability for short-turn projects varies throughout the year. Please contact me for current rates. I’m happy to provide references from past clients.

I design specialized technical fonts for a variety of music-related applications. If you have a design concept or need a specialized font for a particular engraving project, I can create it.

You can purchase my popular font MusGlyphs here

I’ve also designed a new font called MusAnalysis, for comprehensive Roman numeral and harmonic analysis, which you can purchase here.

My latest font is MusFrets, which allows you to easily create custom chord diagrams. You can purchase it here.

I’m a Steinberg-certified trainer for Dorico. I offer private tutoring in Dorico through Zoom. I’ve trained over a hundred fellow musicians to use it, and they’ve all benefited greatly from brief, focused training sessions. I’m able to draw on decades of experience as an educator, professional engraver, and published composer to help professionals quickly achieve proficiency.